Friday, August 26, 2011

Biblio Babes Talk About ANGEL: YEARBOOK. Also, Women in Comics.

A bit of radness

Book reviewer, blogger, and fellow Angel/Buffy fan Kat Thomas did a write-up on ANGEL: YEARBOOK over at her site. Biblio Babes is a collaboration between Kat and her friend Cara. It's for the love of everything that is awesome about books. Specializing in genre fiction, Kat and Cara post frequent reviews, pictures of tattoos, book recommendations, and blogs in the Daily Radness section of their site.

A thought

I've been seeing the #girlsreadcomics hashtag on Twitter a lot, and I think this site is a good example of that. The Daily Radness section is just pure, unadulterated geeking out. Sometimes, the industry does tend to treat comics as a boys only club, but I think that misconception is on its way out the door. With Womanthology on the horizon (clicky for more information), the internet catching fire after the lack of female creators in the New 52, and creators, male and female, spreading awareness of the fact that there are already many female creators that are hungry to... well, create - I think the comics industry is in for a change. One that has been a long time coming.

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