Thursday, December 8, 2011

Supernatural Caledonia #4 review, Action Comics #4 review, Detective Comics #4 review

Comic Book Wednesday

Issue #30

Part Two of Two

Unfortunately, things are crazy. On the teaching side of things, we're in crunch time and looking down the barrel of Finals Week over at Five Towns College. On the writing side, I'm getting gigs, which is good. On the day job side, I'm working at a bookstore during the holiday season. So I don't have much time for comic reviewage. Instead of the normal posts, I'll do a bit of a bullet point list of things I dug or didn't dig in these issues.

Supernatural: Caledonia #4
Emma of the Isles - Part 1 of 4
Written by Brian Wood
Art by Grant Bond
DC Comics

+ Picks up years after the last two issues, but the tone is consist with them.
+ The horror gets pumped up a bit.
+ Fun research scenes.
+ Art is stylized and great. Likeness fiends may hate this kind of stuff, but it adds something very different and very cool to this property.
- Sam is really the only character this time around, so we don't get the fun banter and exciting romantic connection that we did last time.
- The cover made it seem as if Dean would be a part of this, but he's only referenced. I don't mind the attention to Sam, but you can't tease Dean if you're not gonna deliver.

I left the issue wishing this were an ongoing. And that I were writing it. But that's a different story. You should own this if you even have a passing interest in Supernatural. It's great.

Action Comics #4
DC Comics

MAIN STORY: Superman and the Men of Steel
Written by Grant Morrison
Pencils by Rags Morales

+ Lex Luthor is more interesting than he's been in a long time. He has a certain nervous power that permeates every scene he's in.
+ The dichotomy of the police needing Superman to save them while wanting to arrest him was great.
- The action is a bit hard to follow.
- Not as many cool character moments as you'd expect from Superman's first big battle.
- Not as much intellect as you'd expect from a Grant Morrison comic.
- To be continued in Issue #7. Really?

BACK-UP STORY: Hearts of Steel
Written by Sholly Fisch
Art by Brad Walker

+ Sholly Fisch, whose whose work I haven't read before, takes a simple fight and, through clever narration and an even cleverer solution, turns it into the highlight of the book.
+ The introduction of Steel was cool.
- Steel is almost indistinguishable from Cyborg.

Detective Comics #4
The Main Event
Written & drawn by Tony Salvador Daniel
DC Comics

+ There is an incredibly emotional and well-crafted scene between Gordon and the captured Olivia that made this comic worth reading.
+ The interaction between the folks at GCPD is well done.
- The story itself just isn't compelling enough. Batman isn't particularly interesting in this title, unfortunately. And that is almost never a problem. I don't understand. The story doesn't add anything new or interesting to the Batman mythos. If it weren't such an iconic title, I'd consider dropping this.
+ Had to end on a plus. Back to the first reason... TSD has to chops to make this book work. If he can pull off a scene that moving, he can make this book something to look forward to. I hope it just keeps getting better from here on out.

NEXT TIME: Batgirl #4, Batman & Robin #4, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #4, Green Lantern #4, Ray #1

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