Sunday, June 19, 2011


Big, big writerly news.

As I mentioned before, my short story "A Smile Like Many Voices" is going to be published in Rainstorm Press's Signals from the Void anthology. You can order that here.

Two more of my stories have been accepted into anthologies. Both of the books will be published by Pill Hill Press this summer. Links to come.

There Was a Crooked House...
An anthology from Pill Hill Press
Includes my story "Can't Stop Growing Old"
Release date: Late Summer 2011

Told You So
A conspiracy anthology from Pill Hill Press
Includes my story "Gordon Macduff is Just a Man"
Release date: Late Summer 2011/Early Fall 2011

I've got a short play going up June 27th as a part of the monthly Shotz festival. The play is call... ahem... "Furry Cuffs." Details on that to come.

Annnnnnd I've got some comic book work coming soon from a certain publisher that starts with a Z. You know who. Yeah. Them.

Last but certainly not least, I'll be posting an interview with Supergirl writer Kelly Sue DeConnick this week.

Now, if I can only find time to actually not be in front of the computer...

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