Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Many many thanks to Kostas Lamprou!

On my Twitter account, I wrote that I would write a blog entry dedicated to the first person to retweet my link to my short story THE LAST DAY over at The Absent Willow Review. Kostas RT'ed it quicker than I thought anyone would even see the tweet.

Kostas runs two blogs, one of which is a CHARMED fansite. Clicky. It follows Zenescope's CHARMED comics in the same way that my Buffyverse Comic Reviews site followed all the Buffy/Angel books, so it's a very cool read. And I can't help being partial because of all the work I've been doing with Zenescope recently. They have some great, great stuff coming out that I'm happy to be a part of.

His person blog, which you can find here, includes posts about Lady Gaga, music videos, and a great collection of Harry Potter videos. Check him out, and show him the same love that he showed me!

Again, here is a link to my story that he RTed: The Last Day.

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