Tuesday, September 27, 2011

PLAYGROUND - concept art

Concept art by Matt Roscetti for our graphic novel PLAYGROUND.

This image is from a pitch for an all ages graphic novel I'm putting together with Matt Roscetti. It's called PLAYGROUND.


When Marshall, a ten-year-old boy who feels rejected by his peers, discovers a magical jungle gym, he ends up steering it into a strange dimension and gets involved in a battle against a big jerk of a tyrant.

This strange land is a mish-mash of every fantasy world in fiction. You’ve got the sword & sorcery stuff of Tolkien, the talking animals of Lewis, the futuristic villains of Blade Runner, gods and goddesses running around like Percy Jackson, and flying penguins because that’s just fun.

The flying penguin is Cornell Terrance Gilbert (yes, his name pays homage to my buddy Dwayne Gilbert - had to immortalize it man!).

The big guy is Genglore, the Big Bad.

And our lead character, Marshall, is getting ready to kick some bad guy butt.

I'm working with another Roscetti on a very different pitch. Jon Roscetti and I are putting together. You can check out his art here. Or hell, you can search the floor of NYCC and find me, Matt, or Jon and ask us about anything.

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