Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aquaman #2 review, The Flash #2 review, Justice League Dark #2 review

Comic Book Wednesday

Issue 24

(Part Two)

So a fish, a lightning bolt, and a bunch of creepy folks walk into a bar...

Aquaman #2

The Trench – Part Two

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Ivan Reis

DC Comics

In this issue, the creepy fish-monster things attack/talk about food a lot while Aquama, who investigates the situation, continues to be disrespected by the public. Not much happens in this issue, as it continues the exercise in decompression Geoff Johns has been doing in these New 52 books. Johns is one of my favorite comic book writers working now, but I hope that he makes this book live up to his phenomenal runs on Green Lantern and The Flash.

A good bit, though, is that there’s an interesting conversation between Aquaman and Mera where they two of them are going through Aquaman’s childhood photo album. Mera wants to experience human things, such as skiing, now that she and Aquaman have decided to live exclusively on Earth. This was the heart of the issue, but it was too brief to really latch onto.

The action is cool and the story is good, but I hope that Geoff Johns brings this story up to the admittedly high bar he set with his other work.

The Flash #2

Think Fast

Story by Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Art by Francis Manapul

DC Comics

The story is good – not great, but good. This continues to be the rebootiest book out of the whole shebang (besides, perhaps, Supergirl) and that in itself is very confusing. I mean, Barry Allen sacrificed so much in Flashpoint but seems blissfully unaware that, in setting things back, the world is still not even close to being right – especially for him. The overarching plot is pretty interesting, but we don’t get much information on that. The story being focused on here is Barry Allen trying to make his mind tap into the speedforce… and when he does, it allows Francis Manapul to pull off some wonderfully weird art that could only work in a Flash book.

Despite not being sold on the story, I’m enjoying the hell out of this book because of the art. It’s (and I don’t say this lightly) perfect. There isn’t a panel that isn’t both beautiful and kick-ass at storytelling. The tones are wonderful, the light colors are beautifully unique, and the character design is a hell of a lot more indie than superhero.

The book honestly feels like it will read better in trade, because I think the strange details of the overarching plot are made for digesting in one sitting. However, the art and the fact that this is a Flash comic will keep me coming back month to month.

Justice League Dark #2

In the Dark – Part Two: Dark Matter

Written by Peter Milligan

Art by Mikel Janin

DC Comics

Again, this is another highlight of the week

As the cover suggests, the focus is heavy on Zatanna with a side of Constantine… but it actually turns out that Deadman and Dove (of the Hawk and Dove team) get the most page time. We get a lot of their relationship drama, all of which stems from Deadman’s inability to touch without possessing someone else’s body. The story is allowing the reader the time to peer into these characters lives and actually care about them before they get thrown into a bunch of violent action – and that’s something that a few of the key DC books could learn from.

As I mentioned last time, Mikel Janin’s gorgeous art is worth the cover price alone. His work gives a stark realism to the story, which makes the otherworldly/paranormal scenes so much creepier.

Such a great read.

SOON: Superman and The Savage Hawkman.

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