Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Batman #2 review, Supergirl #2 review, Nightwing #2 review, Morning Glories #13 review, Justice League #2 review

Comic Book Wednesday
Issue #23
(Part One of Two)

Life is crazy, and so is writing. I've got a lot to catch up on after NYCC (which I'll be writing about tomorrow), and I know I said that things would be back on track today... but hey, life happens. I promise that the writerly stuff coming your way will be worth a stretch of short reviews.

Let's get to it.

BATMAN #2: Trust Fall
Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Greg Capullo

So damn good. Again. It's clear that Scott Snyder follows the writerly advice he gives on Twitter (not a direct quote, but he encourages folks to write what they want to write and read at all times, and to follow their passion), because the love and enthusiasm for this story is evident in every panel. The story develops wonderfully here, creating a comic that is equal parts mystery, drama, and action. Capullo's art in highly energetic, but he really shines in the small areas that give characters personality - Nightwing's self-assured smile, Bruce's subtle facial expressions during conversation... and, well, he also draws a dude landing on a car after falling from an incredible height. Again, this book is a complete success and one of my favorite reads of the month. I met Mr. Snyder at New York Comic Con and he was very inspiring - this (and his other books) is something I think every aspiring comic book writer should read.

SUPERGIRL #2: Reunion
Written by Michael Green & Mike Johnson
Pencils by Mahmud Asrar

Like last month, this is still a quick read with mostly action, but the context gives it a hell of a lot more depth. We get a flashback with Kara taking care of her baby cousin Kal, that flash-forwards right to their reunion... which is basically him trying to help her and her trying to kick his ass. It's some of the best action I've seen in all of the new DC comics, and again proves that Asrar's art is the best that this book has ever seen. I'm skeptical about all of Kara's history being gone, but this issue did a hell of a lot more than last one to convince me to stick with this book. Lovely writing and lovely art.

NIGHTWING #2: Haly's Wish
Written by Kyle Higgins
Pencils by Eddy Barrows

Similar to the way that the Batman title is getting to the core of what's most important to Bruce, this book gets to the chewy center of Grayson: Haly's circus. Nightwing deals with the who accuses him of being the fiercest killer in Gotham. What's most troubling for him, however, is how he is being slowly pulled back into the circus life that he left when his parents died. Mr. Haley, the dying owner of the circus, tries to leave the whole shebang to Dick, who is, accordingly to Haley, not supposed to be doing the superhero gig. The two plots crash together in an action packed and tragic climax, leaving questions unanswered and tension high. I'll certainly be following this book next month.

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Joe Eisma

First of all, this is thirty-four pages of story for an incredible $2.99. No comics are simultaneously this meaty and this cheap. It just doesn't happen. Yet, here it is. And it isn't the only thing Morning Glories does that should be impossible. It answers absolutely no questions while still being an utterly satisfying read. It creates a compelling, very Lost-esque mystery without seeming like a rip-off of the show... trust me, there were many of those, and this is not that. What it is, however, is the best issue of the best creator-owned comic being published today. While the last arc featured one-shots focusing on all of the Glories, this follows up on some of the story threads that began in those issues while somewhat focusing on Casey. There's not much I can say without spoiling it, but I'll add that there is some great interaction between Casey and Ike, and the continued intrigue of Ms. Hodge is also worth nothing. This is the book of the year.

Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Jim Lee

This is a lot better than the first issue. This issue is made up of more than one scene and includes stuff other than Green Lantern bitching at Batman. There's a fair amount of that still, but it's spread out a bit and is a lot less grating than the first time. Hal seems to be closer to in-character here, and it doesn't hurt seeing him teamed up with the Flash. The plot still doesn't really launch off much in this, but it's cool to see the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together. It's not Johns' best work, and it certainly doesn't stand up to his incredible scripting on Flashpoint, but it's readable and pretty damn fun.

TOMORROW: Wonder Woman, DC Presents... Deadman, Birds of Prey.

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