Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Angel: Last Night (short comic)

I already posted this on my other blog, where I review Buffy, Angel, and Spike comics. I'm going to be going back to that blog for reviews soon, because I'm super behind, but right now my own writing is taking precedent. As it should be, seeing that I'm, you know, doing this as a career and all.

Here's a short comic that I wrote, Angel: Last Night, that ties into my favorite comic series of all time, Angel: After the Fall. It takes place during #16, between the moments of Angel's death and W&H returning Los Angeles to normal.

Now, I'm re-posting this because of how awesome the reaction has been. I want to write for IDW's ANGEL series more than anything else, and... well, look at the reactions from alone

PAUL: "Normally I hate fan fic, it's usually so amateurish and indulgent. But this actually feels like it could potentially be a "deleted scene" from the actual series. In fact, shame on you Brian for not thinking of it first. I was complaining in another thread recently about how I'd wanted Doyle to be in AtF, this comes pretty close to filling that wish."

THE GIRL IN QUESTION: "I thought your dialogue was pretty on-point. Actually, juist like others have said, it felt like it really oculd have been a scene right out of ATF. Me likey. Me give you karma."

WYNDAM: "This was great, Pat.

One of my favorite aspects from the show was whenever Angel would find inspiration and renewed purpose from those closest to him, and you created one of those scenes that also fits perfectly in the context of AtF's story, and reminds me why Angel is my favorite series.

The artist is great. I like the abstract style and the expressions on their faces really sell the scene.

Awesome stuff, and I hope to see more."

Much, much more ANGEL stuff to come in the future.


Now, non-Angel fans. I bet you're sorta scratching your heads. Well, stop. You're getting head particles all over my blog. I'll give you a bit of a summary of what happened before, so you can understand all of this.

Also, c'mon, watch the fucking show. It's brilliant.

Angel is a vampire with a soul. He fights evil with a group of friends, some of whom (Doyle, Cordelia, and Fred, for example) have died in the never ending battle. We on the same page?

Now, a prophecy was made that Angel would play a pivotal role in the apocalypse and, for his efforts, be rewarded with humanity.

On the sucky-for-him side, a demonic organization, Wolfram & Hart, has made it their mission statement to make life Hell for Angel. When Angel rebels against them, they decided to get literal and send Angel, his friends, and, yes, his entire city (LA) to Hell. They turn Angel into a human so that he can't save his friends. One of his friends, Gunn, gets turned into a vampire.

Now, that is when Angel: After the Fall starts. It's revealed that the aforementioned prophecy really means that Angel will play a role for EVIL in the apocalypse, and that Wolfram & Hart, despite their actions, want to at least keep him alive for this. Angel realizes that the only way to set things back, to get out of Hell, is to die. That way, Wolfram & Hart will have to send them to the last moment they were in reality... before Hell. This takes place between his death and the return.

NOTE: The image used for this blog post was also done by ANGEL: LAST NIGHT artist, Pablo Praino.

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