Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Angel: Yearbook Contest

Hey all!

So, this happened.

I ordered a bunch of copies of ANGEL: YEARBOOK because I'm excited about it (read as: pretentious) and want to give 'em to folks. I ordered forty copies, and with every four copies a free hardcover of ANGEL: AFTERMATH is sent. So yeah. I have a bunch of extra copies of that book.

So I figured that, for those who
don't have ten or even one copy of AFTERMATH, here's the drill. When "Angel: Yearbook" comes out, post review of it at the IDW forum (in the thread linked). The first five reviews will receive a free copy of ANGEL: AFTERMATH. It's a hardcover valued at $25, so get on that!

Also, something super exclusive and shiny will be included in the package I send... but that is a secret. I think you'll dig it.

Because seriously, this is a beautiful hardcover, and what am I going to do with so many extra copies? Also, I hope it's an incentive to buy and read YEARBOOK, because that, I can promise, you won't regret.

I'd totally appreciate comments and reviews posted here in the comment section as well, but I really want the Angel community at the IDW forum to remain active, because there are some great discussions going on over there.

You can order Angel: Yearbook for a discounted price right here.

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