Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Stuff Coming Soon

Hey, readers of this blog. Yeah, you three. Stop texting, I'm talking.

This blog has been a lot quieter than I intended it to be, so I think I'm gonna loud this place up a bit. I don't think I'm capable of doing daily posts, but I do want to update as often as possible. And such updates will hopefully include exclusive comics, videos of plays I've done, movie reviews, links to other sites I'm working on, and news about publications/performances. Also, I'm going to whore this site out to other writerly friends of mine, because if there is one thing I am for certain, it's a pimp. Totally. I have the cup and everything.

And like all pimps, I love to read comic books. I'm gonna try to pull off a weekly column here called COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY where--you'll never guess this--I review comics.

For now, if you're a Whedon fan--I'd wager most of you who know that I exist probably are Whedon fans--should check out these links. I just wrote this retrospect on Brian Lynch's stellar run on the Spike comic. Also, this article looks back on what Brian and many other writers have done with the on-going Angel title. Last but certainly not least, a good friend of my Scott Tipton co-wrote an awesome Illyria miniseries with Mariah Huehner. The art is by Elena Casagrade, who totally knocks it out of the park. The TPB collection just came out, so you can buy that here and read my review here.

As for my book, Angel: Yearbook comes out May 25th. A day after my birthday, so be sure to buy it as a gift and, when you open it up, sing sweet songs to me. Ask your local comic shop about the book, or order it here at a discounted price.

Also, I wouldn't say no to a nice cake. My address is printed on the bottom of Angel's shoe in the last panel.

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  1. *applause*

    I have a giant pile of unread comics staring at me accusingly. Assignments and work are sucking up all my time and energy! Not to mention by the time I set foot in my LCS I don't remember where I'm up to on anything, so I end up slinking home with a handful of new series.