Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Angel: Yearbook in stores tomorrow!

ANGEL: YEARBOOK hits comic shops tomorrow. It's the last ever Angel comic from IDW Publishing and it's my first writing credit in the comic book world. I'm incredibly proud of the story I contributed and can't wait for you guys to read it. Stephen Mooney provided art for the story, and it's his best work yet... which, if you know the guy's work, you know that's saying a lot.

The book has three covers. One from Nick Runge, one from David Messina, and an incentive from Jenny Frison.

Besides featuring a story by yours truly, it also features great stories by these folks:
Brian Lynch & Franco Urru
Scott Tipton & Elena Casagrade
Chris Ryall, Franco Urru, & David Messina
Jeff Mariotte & David Messina
Dan Roth (Buffyfest's Bitsy) & Stephen Mooney
Peter David & Stephen Mooney
and more!

You can see an exclusive preview of the comic at Buffyfest, featuring pages from Jeff, Peter David, and Brian.

If you can't make it out to the comic shop, you can order the book here at TFAW.

I'm super excited for this, and I think you guys are really, really going to dig it. I hate that IDW has to say goodbye to Angel, but what a way to go out.


  1. Eeeeeeeeeeee, I'm so behind, I need to catch up before I read this! Won't be out in Aus for another couple weeks anyway.

  2. The stories take place sort of... all over time. Nothing happens after the finale (or really, after any of Willingham's run).