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Comic Book Wednesday #8 - Part One - Charmed

Comic Book Wednesday

#8 - Part One

I said that I'll be updating the Comic Book Wednesday section of this blog every Wednesday and DAMMIT I WILL! I, however, can't today. Last night I had a big marathon re-writing session based on notes I got from a TV Studio (whoa) on a tie-in project I'm doing for them (yup) through a great comics company. Which is a blast. A tired-making, super rewarding blast. Today, however, will consist of ten and a half straight hours at the side-side job, which is going to prevent me from running down to the shop and picking up Flashpoint #3, which this review was meant to focus on. I'm going to post a review for that issue tomorrow in Comic Book Wednesday #8 Part Two.

For this special "I Won't Go Back on My Promise to Update Every Wednesday" issue, I've got a guest blogger. He's here to talk about the Charmed comic from Zenescope Entertainment. Take it, Jay.


Jay P.

Series Review
Published by Zenescope Entertainment

Here now the words of the witches…
Years ago, I remember flipping through channels on a boring afternoon. Football. Nah. Wheel of Fortune… Nah. Law & Order’s 913th episode. Nah. Then by chance I stumbled upon something special.
A show about family, a show about sisterhood, a show about magic. A show about three really hot witches--the Charmed Ones, as they are called by the magical community. Almost immediately I was hooked. The first episode I saw involved one of the witches encountering a Wendigo, a unique spin on the werewolf mythos. As I hungered for more episodes, I watched the Charmed Ones overcome various villains and threats. I was immediately drawn in to Charmed’s interpretation of Wicca and magic, while also identifying with the characters and their ever dramatic personal lives.
The years went by. Characters changed and developed in wonderful ways. Others perished and were mourned for. Storylines grew and climaxed. Finally, after eight magical seasons, the series came to an end in 2006. Fans everywhere were sad to see their beloved show gone.
However there was hope. Such popular shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel have been officially continued as comic books. In light of the success that Dark Horse and IDW has seen with those titles, Zenescope Entertainment pursued the rights to develop a “Season Nine” of Charmed.
It has been a little over a year since Zenescope launched Charmed’s first issue in June of 2010. Beginning with a #0 “Sourcebook” issue to catch up new readers to the Charmedverse with character backgrounds and summaries of the TV show’s history, the title then became an on-going comic book.
Series writer Paul Ruditis, author of several tie-novels of various works, weaves a tale that stays true to the source material.I appreciate that new readers can jump in without having watched the show, while long-time fans can pick up on subtle references to past events. Every issue feels like its own episode, while also serving a larger arc, leaving me wanting more.
Be sure to pick up Charmed: Volume 1 (collecting issues #1-5) and keep on the look out for Charmed #12 and, later, Charmed: Volume 2 (collecting issues #6-12)!


Thanks for covering my ass, Jay. I hope to be able to regularly update most Wednesdays, but let's get you back here soonish. Your review was... magical.

See what I did there?

Why do people even let me write things?

I'll see you guys tomorrow for a review of FLASHPOINT #3.

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