Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Supergirl #66 review

Comic Book Wednesday

Issue #10

Only one book this week, but it's a goodun. For those who missed out yesterday, read my interview with writer Kelly Sue DeConnick before checking out my review for this week's Supergirl issue.

Supergirl #66
Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick
Art by ChrisCross
DC Comics

The mystery deepens.

Secrets are revealed.

Songs are sung.

And Supergirl kicks some robot rat ass. (To which Supergirl says "Robots... why did it have to be robots?" in a great callback to the best line of the first issue: "Do they have to be robots? It's been kind of a robot-y few weeks for me...")

Those that liked the first issue will find much to dig here. There's a bit more action, what with Supergirl moving at the speed of light to keep the students out of danger so they don't discover who she truly is. The Maid of Might herself doesn't have as much pagetime as she did in the last issue, which featured her in nearly every scene. This time we get two big scenes sans Supergirl, one with Lois Lane investigating the disappearances and another with the Big Bad of this arc, Professor Ivo, being all villainy. It felt a bit short due to the lack of the meaty Kara scenes that the last issue had, but it did a good job in setting things up for what looks like it will be an action-packed finale to both this arc and Supergirl as a series... before it gets rebooted, that is.

ChrisCross's art is a bit better, but still relies on exaggerated movements and bizarre facial expressions. There are a few great panels here, but as a whole the art continues to be very hit or miss. Thankfully, the story is intriguing enough to keep this book a very good read, and the character drama that was set up in this issue and the last manages to sing despite the sometimes distracting pencilling choices.

All in all, DeConnick has written another Supergirl issue that should please fans of the series, managing to keep the plot moving at a breakneck speed without missing the little moments, like Kara giving Shirley the credit for stopping the robot rats.

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Check back tomorrow for a review of DC's THE NEW 52 preview.

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