Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My new project: 1000 Ways to Die for Zenescope

I've been waiting to announce this for a while, so I guess SDCC season is a good time for it. After working on Joss Whedon's ANGEL for IDW, I've got my next comic book writing gig. It's another television tie-in, and it's a big one.

1000 Ways to Die for Spike TV and Zenescope Comics.

I've been working with editor Ralph Tedesco, adapting scripts and cooking up sick ideas for the upcoming 1000 Ways to Die graphic novel. The show, for those that don't know, is pretty self-explanatory. People die in gruesome and endlessly inventive ways. I'm a big fan of the tongue-in-cheek style of the show, so I jumped at the chance to write this.

I've written five stories for what should be an awesome, bizarre, and dark graphic novel full of grizzly deaths and more puns than any book has ever had. That I promise. I'm not sure who else has worked on the book but, judging by the source material, I can't see it not being a sickingly gross and hilarious read. You can pre-order it at local bookstores, Amazon, and your comic shops now!


  1. I can't decide whether this is going to be TOO gross... but I will definitely make sure they get it in at my LCS :)

  2. Not tooooo gross. It has a decent gross/not gross balance.