Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Comic Book Wednesday #9 - Part One - Screamland #2 Review

Comic Book Wednesday

Issue #9

Part One

Screamland #2
Written by Harold Sipe & Christopher Sebella
Art by Lee Leslie
Back-up art by Dennis Culver
Published by Image Comics

I somehow missed this when it came out last week. I was in this comic shop/record store hybrid thing yesterday when I came across this issue and rejoiced that I had something to review for today. With the story rolling, this issue was a bit better than the last one. With all of the characters introduced, we follow Travis the B-movie actor and Gary the werewolf as they split up to investigate two different leads in the murder of the Invisible Man. The story is intriguing and the premise is fantastic, and I'm starting to think that the only reason this book isn't all out amazing is because of the two leads. Travis has some funny stuff and Gary is visually great, but compared to the other characters they're on the boring side. All of the best scenes heavily feature supporting characters such as the Mass and the Midnight Slasher. As with the last issue, the most entertaining bit is the back-up story, that shows the Midnight Slasher attending a support group for murderers... at a church.

Screamland continues to be a good read, but it's time for the two leads to do something that makes them as funny and (oddly) likable as the rest of the cast.


By the way... as pretentious as it is, the first thing I did when I walked into this little comic shop in Indiana was to check if they had my comic.


PART TWO will be posted on Friday. It will cover Dollhouse: Epitaphs #1 and Superman #713 (the penultimate issue!).

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