Sunday, July 3, 2011

Future Projects - Blood Pong

Well, something has to combat the romantic vampire crazy, right?

Man, look at that art. That's a camera phone picture of an inked Page Two that hasn't been scanned yet. Page Two of what, you ask? It's a comic book I'm working on with the wonderful Ian McGinty. It's about vampires who play beer pong with blood. It's about two monsters who decide to single-handedly debunk the "vampires are so very sweet" myth. It's about AIDS and horror cliches and old school exploitation. It's about making fun of all of that shit while wholly embracing it. It's Blood Pong.

I wrote and directed two short films based on the general idea of the series a couple of years ago, but I'm admittedly a way better writer than I am a director. A HD handheld does not a DP make. I love all of those films and the folks I worked on them with, but I think that Blood Pong can really thrive in four issues of twenty-two black and white pages. Once the first ten pages are done, Ian and I are going to pitch this around... I'm thinking New York Comic-Con, if not before then. I can't wait to show you guys more.

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